Welcome to EvilTechMonkey - the ramblings of a not quite evil somewhat genius maybe slightly eccentric geek

What better way to start 2014 than with a website makeover after half my house burning down and losing nearly all my computers! Here's to 2014 and a fresh start. And watch this still be here in 4 years....

December 2015 and I'm adding links and updating content! So everything is black and white (how about this seafoam green?). Two primary reasons for that; I'm not using a CMS like Wordpress (yet) and I suck at programming. All programming and believe me I try. I'm good with hardware and suck at software so everything is done is vanilla HTML with VIM as my editor. Anyway.... I think I'll throw an ad in here for good measure and a penny here and there.

Maybe you're looking for my bitcoin page which is slightly active that tells most people they shouldn't bother trying to mine bitcoins due to the associated costs of specialized hardware and obscene power consumption.

2015 is almost over and I'm great at slacking! So many projects, so little time. If/when there is time I will add details of my current systems, possibly my aquaponics experiments.

My adventures in home automation! My biggest focus is on automation right now. Read all about it at the link over there <---

Actually, not doing terribly terrible. 2016 and a few more updates!