Grow Food, Grow Hope

Where do we go as a society? What are our goals? Do we seek help or do we seek to help? How can we help? For years I've done what I can for others with very little. As an American I always want more for myself but what really are my needs? We all have basic needs like food and housing. What about those without? How far should charity have to go? Do 'we' have to provide? Should we provide? Or should we teach, encourage, and push those in need to help themselves and others in the process?

Looking back on my past seeing that I didn't have nutritious meals on a day to day basis and realizing there are still children and adults in our country and around the world that don't have those opportunities for something like fresh vegetables and ethically raised meats drives me to want to provide a way. Not to provide directly but to find ways in every environment for anyone to be able to grow and sustain their own gardens indoors and out. Aquaponics is one such way. It is not, nor is any other method, the cure all that is needed. It is and can be a huge step in the right direction. Mixed with other aspects of permaculture we can see inner city communities, rural areas, and potentially even harsh environments growing healthy sustainable foods.

Where do we start? How do we get there? Well, that's the beauty of our modern age. More and more information is being disseminated across the Internet with greater accessibility. While the information is there for all to find the real work it getting the information directly into the hands of those who can do something. Not everyone has the resources to find this information or in many cases even know what to look for. Outreach is a necessity. That whole feed a man a fish versus teach a man to fish thing. And with aquaponics.... well, there's the fish!